July 23, 2008

Episode 31: To Catch A Predator, The Marvel Way


Anonymous said...

Man, what was up with the audio? Most unprofessional, that would never have happened on Podcast X.

And Xantesfire was not as perverted as he is in the comments section.


T Mafia said...

Then again, Tim's managed to put out thirty-two episodes (I'm counting the since-removed "eviction" show) in the time it's taken me to air just ten.

Speaking of professionalism, should Xantes ever appear on PCX (interested, XF?), I'll go out of my way to encourage him to be as sick and twisted as his comments usually are.

Like you would've mentioned that if you didn't secretly want him to be that perverted!

Anonymous said...

No, I'm Podcast X's head minion! XF can't co-host a show, that's invading my territory, challenging my title if you will.


T Mafia said...

Courtney, you'll always be the heart and soul of PCX. Of course, that's mostly by default; what with the rest of us being heartless, soulless monsters and all...

XantesFire said...

Not as perverted?
Courtney if we ever meet we'll play a game, I'm be Tony, you'll be Judy and I'll lock the windows and doors to keep any cock blocking Spider-men out.

Okay, I'll admit because of my mic difficulties I was a bit distracted. I didn't relay the original ending where Mrs. Lewis calls Judy and tells her Tony is safe at the party and she's sending a limo to pick her up. Meantime, Mr. Lewis has a talk with Tony about sex and being a man. When Judy gets there she and Tony go into a private room, while everyone at the party is getting naked and having fun.

(Okay the rest I'll admit to just making up now.)After 20 minutes Tony walks out with a ghetto limp and a smile. He high fives his dad who's screwing some unknown blonde. Tony slaps some lady's ass, she stops sucking, pats her own butt and say, "Come in baby."
Tony jumps in as Judy crawls out from the bed room, "Tony, Toneeeee! Come back to bed, sweetheart."

Hours later, Judy, Tony and his parents are naked in the kitchen eating Hostess cupcakes. Tony says, "Mmmm, these cupcakes are just what I need after all that sex." Mr. Lewis, "Yeah son, but none for gay-Spider-man." Everyone laughs.

Well I don't want to usurp Courtney's position as co-host, so give me guest star billing or technical advisor, but wait off til I get a new mic. (Any suggestions for a really good one?)

T Mafia said...

Your best bet is a headset mic. I use one for Skyping and get better results with that than I do with the stand-alone mic I use otherwise, which turns out a more tinny sounding product.