August 31, 2008

Countdown to StinkyCon 7: Mr.T and T-Force


Floating Yeti said...

entertaining but why no guest hosts? the only Now comics ive read were some Real Ghostbusters issues. which must have really sucked because they seemed shitty from a ten year old perspective.

btw i have all the inhumans issues if you want.

XantesFire said...

Hell I got the Inhumans gn by Paul Jenkins if Thoom wants it. I know I read it, I just seem to have erased my memory of it cause it stunk.

Only reason I can come up with for Mr. T comics being reintroduced in the 1993 and 2007 is cause they were hoping they could make a profit on the 80's nostaglia relaunch.

Saying "ax" instead of "ask" isn't a black thing, it's a child thing. I used to say "ax" all the time and teachers and friends would make fun of me and anyone else who did it. Whether black, white, chinese, hispanic or other. "Hey, Mr. Kuras, can I ax you something?" "No, you may not and put that ax down immediately!"

Jackie Mason is an old racist, but I don't think he means harm unless he's talking about the ousting of all arabs from Palestine. He should learn when to keep his mouth shut.

Surprised you didn't use either of these songs as your breaksong, Treat Your Mother Right or
Be Somebody.

Floating Yeti said...

1993 would be too early for 80's nostalgia.

the 80's nostalgia relaunch of comics happened in 2001-2002 with:

gi joe
masters of the universe
battle of the planets

those actually got me back into comicshops (and oh did i waste my money) until i discovered scans.

how about an 80's cartoon nostolgia revival comic themed episode?

i wish Frank Miller could do an Inspector Gadget miniseries or Grant Morrison on Bionic Six!

Vichus Smith said...

What, I didn't ask for Dr. Thoom to come back? I swear I did! In fact, I think I either sent an e-mail or wrote a comment on him suddenly disappearing from the front of the show.

XantesFire said...

You're sorta right, I'm wrong. The 90's 80's nostalgia hit more like 1995 with G.I.Joe Extreme, Transformers:Beast Wars, TNMT-live action('97), Voltron 3rd Dimension('98). So does that mean Mr. T triggered the 80's wave in the 90's? I mean, Mr. T is a great motivator.

I'm still waiting for Kidd Video to make a comeback, "Ay-Ay-Ay!" I would love if they did them as survivors from being trapped in a lame dimension for 25years.

I loved Inspector Gadget but I hated how more and more bumbling he would get. At first I thought he was suppose to be like Maxwell Smart,(after all Don Adams did the voice) a bit clumpsy and arrogant, but capable. But as time when on they just made Gadget sillier and sillier.

Is Dr. Thoom the one with the squeaky voice? I was glad he was ran over by a bus.

Floating Yeti said...

yes, there was a 80's nostalgia cartoon revival in the mid 90's. I would also include Extreme Ghostbusters and RoboCop: Alpha Commando

but i was thinking of comicbook adaptations

as for the 90's cartoon revival.

beastwars was great, extreme ghostbusters was good (despite the painfully pc team selection)

the rest were absolute crap. although extreme g.i. joe was almost interesting

anyone who wants to see an awesome pilot for a gi joe series never picked up view:

G.I. Joe: Sgt. Savage and His Screaming Eagles

a ridiculous cross between Captain America and the extreme gi joe series.

thoom said...

>>btw i have all the inhumans issues if you want.>>


>>Hell I got the Inhumans gn by Paul Jenkins if Thoom wants it.>>

Also cool.

>>Is Dr. Thoom the one with the squeaky voice? I was glad he was ran over by a bus.>>

Why the Doc Thoom hate? He can't help the squeaky voice. He is of direct lineage of Sir Nose D'Void of Funk and the P-Funk Family. THe voice is in his genes.