September 1, 2008

Episode 42: Mega City Blitz


XantesFire said...

I always wondered, can the chirp be disabled on a cell? Really, it makes a person sound like a moron. Or pick another sound? Like walkie talkie static?

I put my cell on vibe, hate bothering other people, and half the time I don't hear it anyway, no matter how loud I put it.

I thought in the Judge Dredd universe they had translators to speak to the animals. So the circus people would be guilty of unnecessary violence toward the animals. Instead of asking the animals to do what they asked they forced the animal to guess what they wanted.

Thoom censors? What happened to Trenchcoat's 18 and a half minutes of beastiality ranting?

Canine teeth means we are carnivores. Don't you believe in the circle of life? Why would you want to upset something nature took billions of years to create? Or something god took 5 minutes to put in place? Some animals eat vegetables, other animals eat those animals, we, humans eat all of the previously mentioned. We die and get eaten by worms, or if you're christian you get eaten by lions(atleast it should be so.)Circle of Life

Maybe Thoom should be a vegetarian, he might stop eating ribs and chicken while podcasting.

I am personally harmed by marijuana smoke, it gives me really bad migraines if I smell too much of it, but I believe based on all the studies, including governmental, that marijuana is harmless to grown humans. And can be benificial to society thru it's medicinal properties and bio-friendly options like paper and cloth.
They should restrict it similar to cigarettes and alcohol.

T Mafia said...

Just like with pedophilia, Tim's offended by the idea of bestiality for some reason.

And anyone who attempts vegetarianism is just a masochist.

XantesFire said...

But why? was his puppy raped?

Anyone who attempts vegetarianism is just unnatural. Would lions or tigers or ducks become vegetarians if they had evolved to the top of the food chain? Nope, in the alternate worlds where they are top of the food chain, you can find furless ape jerky, cured sapien, and other humans, the other white meat, products in their supermarket shelves.