September 8, 2008

Countdown to StinkyCon 6: Portrait of The Artist as an Asshole


T Mafia said...

What was D.P.7 supposed to do? Besides...Pittsburgh?!

No great loss.

XantesFire said...

Thought George Michaels was bisexual. Anyway what's up with Thoom and his obsession with making everything gay? George Michaels songs were always about guy's problems with females now you want them to be gay? Like when you were doing the Rawhide Kid's voice gay, what's up with that?

Rick rolled.

I never understood the problem people have with singers not always writing the songs they sing. Some singers can sing but aren't creative to make a song. And some great songwriters can't sing. Does that mean noone should be able to create cause they can't be part of the whole process? It's like saying an actor shouldn't be in a movie cause he didn't write it. "Oh yeah, he's a talented actor, but he didn't write the movie."

What are you talking about? Ken was always an asshole. During Shooter's run Ken was shown to be an bigtime asshole. He cheated on his main girlfriend who he planned on marrying, with the second girlfriend and with a random encounter, maybe more.

He kept lecturing the Troubleshooters for doing the same things he was guilty of. He would seek his friends advice and treat them like shit.

"Hero?" Mostly he would end up fighting the Old Man, rest of the time it was him flying around wondering what to do then the problem would solve itself.

I seriously didn't like Ken and figured he would cause a large scale disaster, and later have to give the brand to Myron or someone else more intelligent. I was right about the disaster.