October 3, 2008

Classic THOOM!: Swamp Thing 68


XantesFire said...

Thoom, what's with all the greasing talk? Is the shirtless host who I will not name there, too?

Well, Abby's friend was victimized, I mean dated Starhawk, can you blame her haunted appearance?

I think they don't accept the Flonic man as an elemental, cause he's still human and not a plant imitating a human. Plus he's from another dimension and he's batshit crazy.

1-Rex Mason, Metamorpho-Man

2-Aquaman, born of blonde hair


4-Nth Metal

5-Hector hall, Silver Scarab

Damn, and I knew them all so easily.

Anonymous said...

Tim, you were hating on Jon Stewart basically being held up by his writers, and now you have show writers yourself. We know that Kingslee is the man behind all your witty jokes an quips. Don't lie!

I wont lie, though, because I liked the Craig Kilborn Daily Show. I didn't like it more than the Jon Stweart version. Sorry, Tim, I think you're the only one.