June 4, 2009

Summer Special Episode: New Comics June 3, 2009


Anonymous said...

Though I was underwhelmed by Gail Simone's run on Wonder Woman, 25 cents an issue is a pretty sweet deal.

The coloring in Batman And Robin looked raw. Like they were home-made or something. Not necessarily a bad thing. Guess that's what they're going for. Still, a worthy first issue to kick start this whole new branding. Liking the new morbid contingent of villains as well.

Dick could be pandering to Damien because he doesn't want to be like Bruce and give him the cold shoulder treatment. Years of being neglected by Bruce has affected him. But still, Damian needs a good ass-kicking to put him in his place.

Mr. Toad looks like he would fit right in with The Wonderland Gang.

I thought the new Robin book is gonna be Red Robin.

LOL @ the mariachi music blaring in the background when you were talking about the violence in Gotham Underground.

Thoom said...

20 cents. Five for a dollar.

Bruce should've spanked that kid a long time ago.

I like the Toad.

Red Robin. I'll check it out.


XantesFire said...

What kind of crap is that? It's a different artist so they have a right to make a different comic?

Blood can splatter, especially if they are struggling.

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