October 8, 2009

Black People Don't Podcast 8: Peter Paul and Mary


XantesFire said...

So Brit likes some DP, I think she deserves it. Just follow some basic DP etiquette.
-Don't look into the other guy's eyes, when both or one of you is naked.
-Use condoms if sloppy seconds are bothersome to either male party.
-If your on the top hole, don't let your balls dangle onto him and when you cum in her, give fair warning to all in case he doesn't like being dripped on.
-Have towels on hand for drippage.
-There might be accidental touching, don't mention it, ever.
-If the touching lingers more than 5 seconds, it might not be accidental and you have the right to say something. Of course he might think it's her, he's touching.
-If he is purposely touching you, state your sexual preferences clearly and proceed from there. Actually you should have stated your preferences at the beginning.
-Afterwards high fives are allowed. Man-hugs, ass-pats and cock-fencing are not.

The pic was of Samantha Geimer at the premier of the documentary Roman Polanski:Wanted. It seems she forgave him why can't the rest of the world(that's not Hollywood), forgive him?

T Mafia said...

Because he got to fuck some "underage" ass, and his critics are just plain jealous.

That's it. It's really that simple.