October 6, 2009

BPDP 7: More Howard Stern

Tim and JD talk more Howard Stern stuff.


XantesFire said...

If you were near a chinese restaurant you should have taken the bird to them, they would have cooked it for you, half off.

Not sure you're an agnostic, you're just shopping for a better religion for you.

Oops, I meant to ask, "how many 'niggers' were killed to make this podcast" on these comments.

Thoom said...

Why do you keep asking that? You just like saying "niggers, don't you?

Or are you asking how many times the word was said in this episode? The answer to that was "0". And 'niggers' don't exist anyway. They are mythical creature created by a race obsessed society.

Thank You.

-The Management

XantesFire said...

Oops, yeah I mistakenly put the question in the wrong place.

XantesFire said...

And no, you used it alot.

Vichus Smith said...

There's a delete option, xantes.

To be fair, you may have counted "nigger" when "nigga" was said at times.

Danny Trejo is not a white man, as far as i know, nor is he little.

Tim, it sounds like you're having not the best of luck with that personals site you're using. My two favorite personals sites are 1) OK Cupid and 2) Online Booty Call. OK Cupid is TOTALLY free, from adding photos to contacting people.

Online Booty Call is free until you want to add more pics or actually contact a girl, but on the plus side the site allows for girls to just show their titties. Also, if a girl is paying for the site, then they can contact you and you can continue being a cheapskate.

DON'T USE CRAIGSLIST. That site bums me out, because it has so much potential for free hooking up with women, but the women who want to fuck you right off the bat are also looking for cash. Also, I just don't trust people on there with my life.

I'm glad JD can listen to Sirius in some capacity. While Howie's swimming in his hundreds of millions of dollars and he's playing best-of, JD can tune over to channel 197, which is also channel 202 on XM (they merged, if anyone doesn't happen to know)

Tim, you can listen to SiriusXM too. I'm sure they still have a free online trial for both Sirius and XM, maybe for 3 days. If it's like I remember, you can sign up multiple times if you have multiple e-mail addresses. I listen through audible, so I don't know what the deal is with the free trials.

XantesFire said...

Delete what?

And don't give me that "nigger"/"nigga" crap. You know it's the same thing, just one version is trying for legitimacy on a platform of bad english. It's like when people use "poop" instead of "shit", it means the same thing, they are just pretending it's not by using a more childish word. Or using "excrement" just means they are doing it clinical.

Anonymous said...

Delete the post you didn't mean to put in this comment section.

Are nigga and nigger the same? Well, yes and no. A dictionary would have them separate, because their usage is different. Ask a black kid who uses nigga if a white guy calling him nigger is the same.

For me, I don't give a fuck about either word. It's language for dumbshits to use, but at least JD uses it for comedic emphasis.

XantesFire said...

Weird, I posted but my comments didn't take, anyway. Nah, let's keeps the comments there for the historical records.

J.D. using "nigger" doesn't bother me, he's not criticizing and trying to restrict other people's usage of it and then uses it freely when he forgets himself.

Anonymous said...

He's also not trying to symbolically bury it like some fool ass poditcican did recently in some city I probably wouldn't want to visit.

XantesFire said...

But he did make the speech a few times about burying it.

Anonymous said...

Timmy Thoom loves to surround himself with hypocrites, because it makes him look better.

You know JD loves the words nigger/nigga, you know Kingslee hearts cock, and you know Trenchcoat Mafia's settled for a consenting adult (the "fat girl" of pedophiles)