October 4, 2009

Episode 111: Bad Duck


Vichus Smith said...

"I don't watch porn" Not even your new co-host believes that line.

I think that any kid who watched Howard the Duck went away at least scratching their head because there was some inter-species fucking going on in that flick.

Vichus Smith said...
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XantesFire said...

Come on, it's Lea Thompson, what anthropomorphic beast wouldn't hit that?

XantesFire said...

Judge Dredd's Crime Files was a six issue mini reprinting old stories from 2000 A.D. It was probably to see if the market would support more Judge Dredd, it's a business thing to make more money. That's why they have so many Batman, Spider-man, and Superman titles, as many as the market can support.

Funny you said Future Shock. Two days ago I found something online that started off as a joke and became quite nerdy and incredible.

How many "niggers" were harmed for this podcast?