January 1, 2010

Episode 128: "I Care A Lot"


XantesFire said...

When your friend was saying Daredevil wasn't so bad, was he referring to the Director's cut or theater version? I keep hearing from a lot of people that Director's cut Daredevil is way better and makes more sense.

Anonymous said...

Exo squad, I agree.
Ferngully meets Halo, right on that too.
There was no depth to any character but I guess we're not supposed to care.
Industial light and magic better pick up their game. Thanks Cameron, now that the bar has been reset, the good efx should get cheaper.
Yes, the final fantasy movies are better than the Zemeckis movies, but they don't take any chances. Zemeckis doesn't just make animation, he makes a film.
And also Pixar is the same, they do great films that are just better stories than even live action.
Res Evil Airport was terrible. Really wasted animation, think Patlabor 2, right Adam? 'Member that crap?
Good comment on the break of industrial revolution... if the Navi didn't have to write their history down, they wouldn't have to invent any technology to mass produce text or ways to distribute it...i.e. pony express, printing press.
If they make a sequel, it could be a prequel where they develop the technology of Avatars and we don't see space, just how messed up Earth is...