January 2, 2010

Episode 129: "I've Heard It All Before, Dude."


XantesFire said...

So Aussies make fun of abos. Americans make fun of Mexicans. New Yorkers make fun of New Jerseyians.

6 white boomers, then what happens in Africa?

Is Concrete suppose to still be set in the 80's or is it present day? Then it might make sense that the guy is using an old computer and the neighbor isn't so bad, back when.

Why haven't you done a praising John Byrne episode? Then TCM can do a Fuck John Byrne episode.

You don't like the Phantom? I thought he would be your nation's other symbol. White guy with guns surrounded by black natives with spears.

Wait a sec. Rich guy wants to hire smart studious people to get sterilized so they can concentrate on helping the rest of the world. Stupid rich dude. He's taking the smart, altruistic people out of the gene pool. I figure after awhile some of these people would become bitter and not want to help the world anymore, why would they? A driving force to make the world a better place is to leave their children a better place. He really expects a bunch of eunuchs to save the world?

People on welfare with the mentality of kids=money usually are able to game the system. They get food stamps for food. Free lunch and breakfast at school. Clothes they get from charities. Housing by section 8. They get free medicare. Welfare money is not much but it's bonus.

Not everyone wants to adopt because they want to propagate their own genes. It's a basic instinct of all life. Why take care of a kid that's not my blood?

Most of the world's conflicts are caused by religion and/or resources.

How's watching your girlfriend masturbate creepy? Some females count that as foreplay. Doing it for a guy in an alien stone suit seems more like charity.

Actually recycling paper uses about 55% less water to make than from trees.

If you can't believe a person can be angry for years, then you don't understand anger.

Hmmm. I think someone from the future is trying to prevent CC from conquering the world by keeping her away from the libraries.

What? Thoom, you don't understand Married But Gay? The co-host whose name I will not speak, is a perfect example of a future MBG.

Thoom, I sent you free shit.

Is there a part 2, it cut off.

XantesFire said...

Legacy of the Phantom.


T Mafia said...

re: utterly inoffensive KFC ad - I like that one of the anonymous people bitching on that first site (Tim?) actually tried to play the Aborigine card over that. So in other words, for occasionally making fun of a highly mockable "culture", white Australians are now always wrong, in any situation, forever. Enough. Can we create a virus that would just wipe out all the stupid people, already? Hell, show these whining pussies that Korean commercial and believe me, they'll forget all about the Australian one.

XantesFire said...

The KFC issue is just like the Pinguin issue, Americans get all huffy over what's not racist in other countries.

Thoom said...

I found this cool site in which artists recreate old comic book covers. Two featured are one of T-Mafia's favorites and also one of Courtney's faves.

T Mafia said...

Heh. Yeah, that Bizarre Adventures "do-over" ain't bad.