January 10, 2010

Episode 130: "Have you looked in the mirror lately, kid?"

THOOM! reviews Chamber #1 (Marvel,2002)
with T-Mafia
Part 1 of 2

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Vichus Smith said...

It's good to hear some incubus used in a podcast. Now I'm just wating for someone to use "dig" or "warning."

BTW, Trenchcoat, Brian M. Bendis is one of those people who dislikes animals like Howard the Duck in his comics.

I gotta go back to actually listening to the podcast now.

Vichus Smith said...

If you want to see some good shit with that mental giant Governor Ventura, check out the video of him being interviewed on the O&A show. He's lost his goddamn mind.

I dug Sigourney weaver in Aliens, but now she's fucking 60 or something! She looks alright, I guess. MINOR SPOILER Her avatar is much sexier. Nice alien tits.

My girl is Jaime Lee Curtis, for sure. If I had a MILF thing, she'd be my #1. I'd brush the cock to the side and get up in that pussy.

I know you guys hated that 90s period of X-men when writers actually tried to come up with new mutants, but I know you can't deny that Stacy X was a great character. A young mutant with the power of whoredom? EXCELLENT!

I dug Chamber (maybe not the latest incarnation of him) but what exactly are his powers? They're so odd I forget them. I was always just amazed that some dude has his face blown off. I'd like him to get his powers back, because I just love a fire beard. More characters need a bear of fire, like Ares in the God of War video game.

BTW, I have a name for your podcast collective. Since you guys like Derek Coward, Tim and Trenchcoat hate nearly anything that is vaguely successful, I think you should call yourself The Contrarians.

XantesFire said...

GenX had potential, I think it got messed up because at the time Marvel had to use obvious generic storylines and kitchen sink mutant powers, because they were putting out so any titles, they wanted to impress stock brokers into investing into Marvel, by showing how big it was.

I didn't even think about the Howard the Duck and Donald Duck connection. Disney'll probably make them brothers. Meaning Howard is a nephew of Scrooge McDuck. He'll probably employ DarkWing Duck and Gizmoduck to retrieve Howard back from the Planet of the Shaven Apes.

Yeah, they still say, "boo."

Yeah they made Chamber action figures, it just looks like a a guy with a bloody red beard. They decided against using real fire after the Human Torch teddy bear fiasco. "Human Torch teddy bear, the bear that'll keep you warm at night." What was Stan Lee thinking?

The Chipettes been around since the 80's tv series. They are just female vesions of the boys. One is outgoing, one is smart and one is an eater.

Maybe Chamber's face is disorientating to people. I remember there was a guy who came to the Blockbuster I worked at. His nose, right cheek bone and part of his upper mouth were gone, we figured due to cancer and the doctors had cut it out. Along with the skin so it was sharp smooth cuts. It always gave me vertigo. It wasn't disgusting, it just felt like my brain was trying to locate his nose and all it can up with is red and black shadows.

Vichus Smith said...

What used to freak me out were those burn victims, especially black people who have skin that's partially a dull white. Or is that vitiligo? I don't fucking know. Whatever it is, you don't want to look at it.

T Mafia said...

Vichus, Bendis hates HTD? Funny how his love of "street level" Marvel doesn't extend beyond humans. What a speciesist.

I dunno, Ventura just seems like every other conspiracy theorist when he's on Stern...

Weaver's one of those broads no one will just be honest about and just say, "She's old, she's over, and hell, she looks like one of those aliens now."

The last time Jamie Lee Curtis looked like anything was Halloween (1978?) and at this point, I don't know why she doesn't just admit what we all know about, um, the state in which she was born since at this point it'd probably give her a career boost.

Stacy X sounds like one of those characters that seem like a funny idea when you come up with it in theory that can't possibly be any kind of good in practice.

Chamber's powers (I think) were that he just basically shot people with energy or something. Pretty much like most other 90s characters (sigh).

Somebody's gotta go after the successful stuff if it sucks; hell, there could be a comic put out that spread AIDS to everybody that read it, and most other comic podcasts still wouldn't criticize it if they thought it was popular.

Xantes, I never read Generation X, but judging from the TV-movie, I didn't miss much.

My big hope for Howard is that they at least make him look like he should again. I mean, it's not like Marvel has to worry about Disney suing them anymore now that they're one and the same.

Tsk. So bitches still say "boo", but I'm wrong for wanting to bring back "groovy"?!

Heh. You just reminded me of that FF story where the little boy set himself on fire and killed himself trying to be like the Human Torch. Which would have been cool as fuck if anyone other than John Byrne had written it.

Chipmunk porn? Okay, I give up. Rule 34 is real.

Vichus/Xantes, they should just sell Doctor Doom masks over the counter with people as fucked-up-looking as Chamber, Blockbuster Guy and the Vitiligo People out there.

vichussmith said...

Just check out this clip I don't know what kind of interview Stern had with Ventura, but I'm pretty sure he didn't end up pissed off like he was here. Big Baby.

Stacy X had the power to excrete pheromones. Post M-day she was just a hooker since she had no powers. Good times. You should get your hands on that series (damn I forgot the name) where they show what happened to all the characters who lost their powers, like Blob, Chamber and Jubilee. I think the name was a take on Generation X.

I liked the X-man Maggot, because his powers were so specific and weird. Something horrible happened to him, like one of his maggots died or he starved something.

T Mafia said...

Assuming I looked at the right clip, I thought Ventura showed a lot of restraint, considering how psycho Opie/Anthony/whoever was acting.

Speaking of M-Day, given the number of mutants who died immediately or eventually as a direct result of losing their powers, shouldn't someone hunt the insane, mass-murdering Scarlet Witch down to, well, hold her responsible?

From Wikipedia: "Some regard Maggott as the worst X-man ever." It's not just me!

vichussmith said...

That was superstar comedian Jim Norton who set Ventura off. I didn't find a longer clip, but Ventura wants people to just sit there and listen to him spout nonsense because he was a navy seal at one time. Being a seal doesn't mean your mind has all wisdom downloaded into it. it does make you eternally badass, though.

Here's longer audio

XantesFire said...

"Groovy" is a white fad that's past. "Boo" is a black thing you wouldn't understand. I know I don't.

De-powered mutants after the House of M were mostly shown in the Decimation tie-ins and in Generation M.

I think Ventura is a bit messed up because he has worked in politics long enough that he understands how some things can be a conspiracy. But he does get annoyed when he saying something he thinks is important and someone interrupts him for a joke.

Supposedly Joe Quesada was annoyed by all the different mutants there were in the Marvel world so he had Decimation happen. What he should have done is brought some reality to the issue. Have more mutants with practical powers like speed, strength, intelligence, flight, invulnerability, healing, maybe some energy casters. But cut out the impractical "cool" powers like having a star in your brain, or being an intelligent gas, face re-arranger, giant maggots in your stomach, out of control bone marrow growth, sheds skins for different powers, using bolos to teleport, etc

vichussmith said...

Yeah, Generation M was it.

Oh, forbid if a guy agrees to have an interview with a radio show that does comedy for 5 hours a day and they throw out some jokes. How dare they. The guy was on the show for an hour+ when this clip was made. He could have left way sooner. See how context can sway things?

XantesFire said...

Oh, and you shouldn't judge Generation X comics by the movie. Only the writers should be judged on it if there was a hell. The comic was way more interesting in the beginning, they actually made Jubilee not annoying or atleast not annoying to the readers. But it got dumb when the writers changed.

vichussmith said...

I only read the last episode of Generation X, so I could feel all special. I also watched the Gen X TV movie or whatever the fuck that was. I hope I never have to revisit that, because I bet it was terrible looking back.

T Mafia said...

I can't decide which was a worse move on Quesada's part: getting rid of 99% of the mutants in the Marvel U (and wrecking the X-universe that Grant Morrison had just fixed), or ruining Spider-Man forever so Joey Q could live out his little adolescent fantasies through him. Okay, who wouldn't wanna fuck the Black Cat? But am I supposed to pretend that having Spidey finally nail her (and apparently, every other bimbo out there) was worth undoing decades of continuity?

My biggest problem with the Generation X TV-movie was that elderly Finola-whoever bitch they had playing Emma Frost. The White Queen should not look like an escapee from a nursing home!

Also annoying (from iMDB):

Characters such as Chamber were left out because the SFX needed to portray them would have raised the budget too high.

vichussmith said...

My problem is that the loss of all the mutants wasn't replaced by anything. There should be mad scientists and criminals running wild over the Marvel U.

XantesFire said...

Why would the loss of mutants trigger a surge of mad scientists and criminals? Most mutants seem to be of average intelligent or if they were super-intelligent that was their mutant power and that's gone now. And I would figure most mutants because of lack of powers would be less likely to commit a crime.

vichussmith said...

We didn't get to see a majority of those lives. Maybe they were protecting their local areas with their powers.

It was just my desire to see something step in in place of mutantkind, because nature needs equilibrium.

Well, I guess my question was answered to some extent by the (new) New Warriors. Night Thrasher gave de-powered mutants technology to cope.

BTW, no one killed Scarlet Witch because I think she got the fuck out of dodge as soon as she could.

XantesFire said...

What are you talking about equilibrium? We live in a world with no mutants, what takes their place?

And I misunderstood your statement, I thought you mean that the mad scientists and criminals would be ex-mutants. You meant that the heroes who fought against those types were mutants. Okay. Alot of the criminals and mad scientists the Marvel heroes fought against were mutants so with their powers gone they will be less criminals to fight along with the loss of the mutant heroes. They would either be regular citizens, regular criminals or find another source for powers.

vichussmith said...

Um, we are considered mutants. We are the for real, boring, no superpowers mutants. You think you're exactly the same as Adam and Steve, or whoever our first ancestors were?

XantesFire said...

Hey, I thought it was a given that when we talk about mutants we mean those superpowered people in the comic universe or Starhawk and Kid Mission's offspring.

vichussmith said...

No, just regular freaks of nature as well.

pyrothemaniac said...

You know what's really embarrassing? I used to like Avril Lavigne.
That just goes to show kids have no taste and will buy anything that's marketed at them.
All those little girls reading Twilight and listening to Hannah Montana could just as well be reading Oscar Wilde and listening to Tchaikovksy if that's what had been marketed to them.

I have never seen Freddy Vs Jason. It's remarkabley hard to find.
And what's wrong with horror movie survivors?
TC seems to have forgotten about Ash Williams.

I like Signourney, she's badass.
I don't know about attractive, but from an artistic POV she has an interesting look.

Decline of Western Civilsation. Now that Ozymandias parody poster on DeviantART makes sense.
Part 2 has Alice Cooper in it?
I'll have to watch it now.

I recently found out that John Byrne wrote Hellboy:Seed of Destruction.

XantesFire said...

my life is twilight

pyrothemaniac said...

Please tell me that's not genuine.

vichussmith said...

You know what gets your mind off horrible Vampire fads? Sucking titties to get your superpowers

XantesFire said...

It's genuine. I'm just not sure all the posts are real.

T Mafia said...

Courtney, the only hope for those silly little girls reading Twilight and listening to Hannah Montana is that one day some older guy will fuck some sense into them.

And I didn't forget about Ash; it's just that none of the normal horror movie rules apply to him.

And yeah, Sigourney's definitely, um, interesting looking...