January 12, 2010

Episode 131: Neutrino Annihilator


T Mafia said...

Vichus, re: your comment last thread about "There should be mad scientists and criminals running wild over the Marvel U."

They won't run wild as long as they're all collecting a fat paycheck from The Hood/Tony Stark/Norman Osborn.

Actually, I hate Marvel's status quo right now. Hopefully Siege will fix everything (bring back Wanda so she can just say, "No more Bendis.")

XantesFire said...

You hate women who just want to have sex with mutants just because they are mutants? Do you also hate women who just want to fuck black people because they're black?

Noprize attempt- the beam isn't visualized til a point past his face or the beam is refracted back so it cancels itself out at his eye lenses.

Did they ever give Chamber a holodevice like they would give the blue guys?

That's why you make a mutant girl cum using your fingers or a dildo first. Sure, she's your date but in the world of mutants it's also a science experiment.

Wait, why does she grow to hate men if it's her fault? Ok I just read the story on wiki, I don't understand why the gynecologist didn't call the cops, if anyone should have his finger in her pussy you would think it was him.

Actually the beginning of two household incomes started under the Nixon administration when he took the dollar off the gold standard and pricing was no longer controlled by the common people. But it really expanded when Reagan began his cut rich people taxes, spending more for the war machine, screw public services and the middle class.

A republican who is a feminist is only a feminist in the company of females he wants to fuck, when he votes or donates it's to causes against feminism.

So Tim, you want to live in a 50's type world where the only black people there are musicians and baseball players? That seems to be the world of Thomas Kinkade.

Actually couldn't she be referring that mutants look down on regular humans as below on the evolution ladder so they would be monkeys?

Cassandra Nova? Tim's fetish for old shriveled up old ladies extend into comics? Guess old lady Madam Web is a hottie in your book.

Nice midgets are called elves.

NoPrize attempt 2-The scarf is a made of memory material so when he puts it on it takes shape of a chin even though there's nothing there so it doesn't freak people out even more.

I don't understand if Tim doesn't believe the black struggle is over why he's against affirmative action.

Vichus Smith said...

It's odd that Tim would hate people making references to other artists (Keith & the Girl) when he has (Howard Stern) done so as well.

T Mafia said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot all about the infamous "image inducer"! If it can do the job for demon-looking Nightcrawler, you'd think it could at least hide Chamber's "fire mouth"!

Nixon and Reagan, huh? Why am I not surprised to find out that, like most of America's problems, couples having to both work is all the Republicans' fault?

I'm sure Tim would say he was joking about Cassandra Nova. Disturbingly enough, we all know by now that he wasn't.

Your "memory material" idea is just crazy enough that I'm a little surprised Marvel never thought of it.

Vichus, with the multiple examples of this that you and Xantes just pointed out, the ability to be completely oblivious to his own double standards seems to be Tim's mutant power.