April 18, 2010

Black People Don't Podcast 21

Tim and Kingslee review the movies Rules of the Game (1939) Date Night and Why Did I get Married Too? (2010)



Kaan said...

Wow cool blog, definitely will follow

Thoom said...

Thanks, maan. I mean, Kaan. I hope you enjoy.

Vichus Smith said...

Kingslee's idea of black nationalism infuriates me. He is more confused about what it means to support black people than he is about his sexuality.

Supporting people who share your ethnic background no matter what garbage they put out- as long as they are successful- is utterly ridiculous.

Kingslee lives in quite a delusional world. He only surrounds himself with the motivated and successful, huh? I wonder how that helps in bringing up the unsuccessful and unmotivated while Kingslee goes trotting around with his university girls.

Tim, I pestered you to get Kingsless back on the show, but now I'm not so sure it was a good idea.

Wreck Roar said...

Rules of the Game sounds so similar to a film that I really like, Gosford Park. Would not be surprised at all if it played an influence.

I think most cinephiles can appreciate a film that isn't compromised & dumbed down for the masses and that's strong enough to hold up through the years.

Invoking Jeunet during a Tyler Perry movie review; I love it. Your greasy fast food analogy is dead on as well.

There's no way you came into the movie wanting to hate on it. Having listened to your shows I know that you're too pragmatic and sensible for that type of thing. If anything, it's Kingsley who's grasping at reasons to make you seem anti black. Again, I do think his stance is admirable but some of his thinking is misguided.

That Louis Gossett/Cicely Tyson bit was jokes. From what was being described, I think I would've clowned on that scene too.

You both had good arguments for improvisation in a film. It can be percieved of being lazy, jarring filmmaking that takes the viewer out of the moment. But at the same time, with the right actors, it could be very effective and help immerse the viewers into the world of the film. I instantly think of a movie like Raising Victor Vargas.

Kingsley riled up is high entertainment. He should watch Malcolm X before every show he does. Such a heated debate that stemmed from Why Did I Get Married Too.

I absolutely loved loved loved the Jeunet discussion. So glad you enjoyed Delicatessen. Though, I don't fully grasp your complaint about the underground faction in the film. And yes, Jeunet is a big proponent of practical effects and incorporates it when applicable. I would totally dig on a review of Micmacs from you guys.

Prince of Persia might take away from IM2's box office.

Madagascar 2 in Chris Rock's top movies. LMAO!

I heard Nightmare on Elm Street(20X) features a podcaster.

I'm really liking these Kingsley episodes. It's good to have him back on a regular basis. Always well spoken and highly opinionated. I may not always agree with him but he does bring up good discussions that are more than likely to be thought provoking.

vichussmith said...

I will accuse Kingslee of being a bit tipsy also. I think he put a couple back before he started the show.

Thoom said...

Rules of the Game sounds so similar to a film that I really like, Gosford Park. Would not be surprised at all if it played an influence.

It did.

Though, I don't fully grasp your complaint about the underground faction in the film.

Why were they crawling around in the sewers when it was time to go back to the building and complete their mission? Why didn't they just run into the building and kick the butcher and his friends' asses?

Wreck Roar said...

Ah, that's what you meant. Thanks for the clear up. I don't remember too clearly but if I were to make an argument, I'd say The Troglodytes were portrayed as bumbling & goofy whereas the butcher was a formidable threat and so The Troglodytes didn't believe that they could take on the butcher & his tenants. Wasn't their mission based on stealth and not violence? I haven't seen Delicatessen in a while so I could be wrong and if that's the case, I guess stuff like that doesn't really bother me because of the general tone Jeunet & Caro establish throughout the film. If it had a more serious vibe, then it might be more overt but the movie is largely played up as a surreal dark comedy with French sensibilities.

XantesFire said...

Now Kingslee is supporting films that aren't true to life?

Notice he seems to automatically hate the gay choices in films. Why are you seemingly surprised about rules in society, rules are what makes societies work.

I hate movies that just seem to be made around their title. Ever seen I Come in Peace.
Alien-I come in peace.
Hero-Go in pieces, asshole.

I work and live in the city. Cops do not always respond immediately to a office building alarm. Sometimes they figure it's a test run or someone accidentally tripped one, because usually that's what it is.

So what he married a black woman, doesn't mean he didn't or did sell out, and she could have told him to sell out.

Again with this tired cliche, "black experience", should you pop a cap in the theater for the full black experience.

Of course marriage being explained that way doesn't work for Kingslee, marriage to him just means a cover for homosexual tendencies.

Now he wants real non-actor people to play a part in the movie because he thinks it should means something other than actors doing a scene in a movie?

vichussmith said...

Who Whoa Whoa! Don't misquote the great Dolph Lundgren. It's

"I come in peace"

"But you go in pieces, asshole."

BTW, I come in peace is also called Dark Angel in some places.

If I'm not mistaken, there are sites completely dedicated to when the name of the movie is spoken in the movie. At the very least, I know it's a meme.

XantesFire said...

I didn't misquote, I clipped it.

The movie was good, it just seemed like the director and writer were giggling, waiting for that line to be spoken.