April 19, 2010

Black People Don't Podcast 22: Smug

Tim and JD talk about Family Guy, Tyler Perry and more.


Anonymous said...

It just occured to me:
So what does Kinglee think of Kick-Ass' beautiful beat-up face?

Wreck Roar said...

LMFAO! Good question.

Vichus Smith said...

I'd be smug too if I was magically resurrected from cancellation hell to be showered with money by fox AND THEN have my third cartoon be immediately picked up for another season when it was barely on the air.

Sorry to break it to JD, but Tik Tak and the Freakshow (or at least Tik Tak) is white as fuck

FM talk radio STINKS! They have abandoned talk radio and they've gone back to playing music and having no edgy talk. Nearly every damn morning radio show has a woman and two guys on it, and they do lame, fake-ass bits. I'm satellite radio all the way.

JD seems to be a fan of women from Mad TV (RIP). What does he think of this?

Jimmy Olsen was actually played by Aaron Ashmore. You know how Sylvester Stallone has a retarded brother? Yeah, Arron Ashmore is Shawn's retarded brother. Oh, sorry did I say retard? I meant twin. I guess that's the same thing. Shawn was also in Smallville. He was the one who played the kid who got Clark Kent's powers.

Wreck Roar said...

That author had a definate case against Cameron. There's just too many resemblances from the general premise to smaller details like the glass hand.

Don't forget about Nick Canon's Love Don't Cost A Thing, the black remake of Can't Buy Me Love.

Nice callback to the rock's brother in Clash.

The library is cool. They even started laoning out games. I beat FFXIII last week with a library copy. Great streamlined battle system wasted on a horrible narrative. I'm sorry but I've grown out of the overlong melodramatic Japanese way of storytelling. Give me the crazy hyper Japanese instead like in Killer7.

Ebert is wack.

I could see JD being a fan of Hit Girl.

Was gonna mention the twin thing but Vichus got it covered.

Anonymous said...

Death at a Funeral; You mean this one?:

That's three years old!

Anonymous said...

Well lookie who's back. How's your boyfriend, girlie?

Anonymous said...

What, who?

Anonymous said...

Well why've you been off our radar? You make a cocoon built of cosplay costumes and refuse to come out?

Anonymous said...

I rarely comment on Thoom, but I am ever present on the Internet particularly the Podcast X comment section.

I was more enquiring about the "boyfriend" comment. Who are you referring to?

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, Podcast X. You knwo what side your pedo bread is buttered.

What, you are without a boyfriend?

Anonymous said...

I've never had a boyfriend in my life.
So you weren't referring to anyone specifically? Weird.

Thoom said...

No, not weird: VICHUS. Which is weirder than weird.

Anonymous said...

I can't be weirder than weird when XantesFire still breathes.

I just assumed some guy was smelling your panties. Is it criminal to assume that?

XantesFire said...

Hey, a guy does not have to be her boyfriend in order to smell her panties. Everyone knows that. Wait, are we talking about me?