June 9, 2011

THOOM vs. Howard The Duck #10

To Howard the Duck #9 and to my rambling nature in this episode I say, "FEH!"


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XantesFire said...

Someone paid him to write the article for Men's Health.

He's talking about invisible woman as a skank going to peek into a guy's privacy. He's playing on most guys' fantasy of a beautiful woman sneaking into their room.
And sudtly asking why would she stay? Impling get in shape guys.
Seriously, do you not understand this is a gag article.

Nuke war is funny. see Weapon Brown.

No, he's writing as he thinks most guys would think.

X-ray vision would be one of the ultimate bar tricks to get laid. "Bet I can guess what color your underwear is."

Have you not read Men's Health before? Sure there are informative articles, but most with a trace of humor and sometimes an out right gag article. Usually people understand which is which.

I believe at the time the "researchers" couldn't get up there because of the beginnings of the Russo-Afghanistan war. If you don't care, why mention it, mention stuff you do care about.

They probably transfered the rope from one side of the Niagara to the other by boat or helicopter.

You didn't read this comic at all.

Not all blacks in the US are the results of slavery.

Slapstick can be political humor Three Stooges.
Canadian Bacon