June 9, 2011

Episode 213

THOOM and JD with movie reviews of The Hangover, Hot Tub Time Machine and more.



Keith Knudsen said...

Y'all have got to stop making me spit up drinks while I'm listening to you two! Another funny episode.
"Chevy Chase Drive"
"Which one's the comedian?"
"Neither" Bitch. LOL!!!

Where can we watch some of JD's films? Or is it DVD-R disk exclusive?

Vichus Smith said...

You can find JD's films on some VOD site. Luckily they give you free minutes on that site, so if you want to collect come free minutes day by day, you can watch it for free.

I'm gonna miss JD. I don't think he can afford to do this show anymore, what with the payments to his "actresses"

Thoom said...

You can find JD's Lil' Freak video here: http://www.phnxproductions.com/lilfreak.html

While I was searching for JD's website, I found this mess. JD giving props to radio personality SBK in a promo for SBK Live:


vichussmith said...

If you want to watch Lil Freak, just pick any video JD has done. They all look basically the same.

Being on half a minute of video on Youtube must've made JD cream. That's the pinnacle of his film career. Maybe they should've given him a script- and tell him you don't need to make your face plastic like Jim Carrey just to do a promo.

I've never seen someone inhale cock so much and get nothing for it. He must be a true SBK fan!

Hey, Tim, do you know who that sad-mustached man is on the top of JD's website?