June 9, 2011

Episode 214: Make Mine Marvel

THOOM! and JD talk about the promotion and potential of upcoming superhero movies.



Keith Knudsen said...

If JD says Marvel don't have no money one more time....Do you know who owns Marvel??? Disney...bitch.

Still listening...

Thoom said...

I agree. James is a bitch.

Vichus Smith said...

Someone should tell JD that 3 halves don't make a whole.

Speaking of mixed girls, I call self-hatred on JD! Just because some light-skinned girls act like hippies doesn't make them smelly. Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill act that way, but JD doesn't mention them!

I really liked X-men First Class, but if you try to math it up against the continuity of any of the films, it falls apart. I don't know why they didn't go full reboot.

Vichus Smith said...

I agree with JD that All Star Superman was not as good as the book. 3 stars for me. It didn't flow in the same way the book did. That was a problem with trying to makes as much as you could out of the whole story told in the book in a single animated film.

What I DON'T agree with is The Losers movie being on any top 10. That was weak, even if I forget about the boo being so good.

Speaking of comic to film adaptations, I recently read Wanted the comic, and I thought it was worthless. The concept is cool, and parts of it were nice, but it was trying way too hard to be rebellious and in-your face, but without purpose.

Oh, before I go, why wouldn't JD get medicaid. Is he too proud-- or too ignorant?

Thoom said...

Maybe they should've chosen just one storyline from the All Star Superman comic to adapt to film.

Thoom said...


They could've done one of the stories and left out the health situation (and changed the title)

I don't know why JD doesn't seek out Medicaid. Many of us who can, don't. It is a pride thing. I have Health Insurance through my job and some other insurance (that I found out about through my job) But I didn't have it for many years. I wouldn't have applied to Medicaid back then.

But maybe I shouldn't have left that part in the show. I was trying to make it an "honest" show, but then again that is James' business, not mine.

Anonymous said...

I don't think JD gives a damn about his business being out there. It's not like he's homeless (yet).

Without the health issue, it's more or less a bunch of superman stories. If you're doing a movie, you have to have a single focus. That's why I agree with JD that it doesn't flow well, especially for the uninitiated.

XantesFire said...

It's more like Blake Unlively, haven't they seen Gossip Girl. She's the dullest one there, only her situations make her slightly interesting.

Quicksilver is not the only Marvel speedster. Black Racer, Makkari, The Whizzer, etc.

The 80's are today's 50's.

Has JD worked before? Paid taxes, then he shouldn't think it's prideful to use Medicaid. He's using something he paid for. He's not too prideful to use the library. And he's definitely not too prideful to read magazines in a place of business and not buy the magazines or help in anyway for them to pay for their rent.

@Vichus, I thought that was the point of Wanted, to be in your face and not rebellious but antisocial. He was being trained to be the world's best killer. He wasn't being trained to be a superhero. Or even a nice guy. He was being trained to be a scary asshole who has no respect for regular people.

Anonymous said...

I think that Wanted was not bad, but very "In your face!" and I've seen so much that it doesn't impress me. I'm more impressed by what lies beneath all the shock value. What was most interesting about the Wanted comic was a world where superheroes no longer exist, killed off by the heroes.

I think the movie (except for the fucking "Loom of Fate" and whatnot) was better.

XantesFire said...

"Loom of Fate", league of mystical physics bending assassins, just be part of the group. It was a good movie, but to have an assassin league based on messages from a weave just made it's a forgettable movie in my eyes.

The comic book I liked better because I am a comic book nerd. So it was seeing the old regulars in very different situations. And there was more under the shock value. Even or especially after they've won and control the world they still have to betray the other villains and take over all the pie slices.

And underneath that it was a story of legacy. An asshole's legacy but still a legacy.