June 12, 2011

THOOM vs. Howard The Duck #11

THOOM! reviews Howard The Duck #10, vol. 1 (Marvel, 1977)


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XantesFire said...

Maybe it's because it's the cover and the cigar is a item associated with Howard. And since it's suppose to be his mind it can also be Howard's psychological self image, he can see himself born naked but he can't see himself without the cigar or doesn't want.

The writer seems to be talking to 3 types of people.
-To Kids, who he is clarifying his meaning to.
-To People who understand the caustic type of humor this comic is reknown for.
-And those who think they are being talked down to, who really should stop reading this comic and get themselves a copy of the Bible without the sex and bad language.

He's pointing out that it's mostly indoctrination, not only is it just teaching people to behave around each other but how to behave the way someone else wants you too. That's how socialization/indoctrination works at times. You clearly see it's in Muslims states, but you may not see it here because you just take it as learning to be part of society. I would think you as a black man would understand since we are taught to respect the police, but not really what to do if they disrespect you.

So says the guy who says "hubba hubba" to Bea Arthur.

Omega the Unknown's answer, is it suppose to be deep or just is?

Or is the water squirting in his face suppose to mean she will joke at him.

The misused words is partly how he figures out he's still in a dream. Since you didn't notice him noticing that on the previous page I am lead to the conclusion that you never had that happen in a dream. Similar to thinking you're reading in some dreams but when you really concentrate on the words they become gibberish. Sometimes when you concentrate what dream people are saying to you it all becomes gibberish too.

Perhaps because in Duckworld he was able to be an "only child". That's how he learned to live and the world he's on now is changing him to be more social.