June 13, 2011

Episode 215

THOOM! and JD talk about X-Men:First Class (Fox Pictures, 2011)


Vichus Smith said...

JD wrote something on my, uh, I mean people's websites in response to his stupid e-mails?

Yes, this movie is an absolute mess when you try to fit it in with the other movies. But as a standalone film it works. Only time travel could fix this and make it fit.

I blame it on the studio rushing this film into production. It was little more than a year for them to make this film.

ALL the mutants from the film are in Marvel Comics. Azazel is in X-men comics. He's a "Nightcrawler doppelganger" because he's Nightcrawler's father. The tornado guy is one of the Marauders. They plucked characters from all over the place, and as I think about it, they didn't have much choice but to do that.

For example, if you didn't have Azazel or Riptide, fighting over the ocean would have been odd with the real members of the Hellfire Club.

Vichus Smith said...

Lemme just say I am severely SHOCKED that JD would say there's a limit to what's funny and there's a line where it's just cruel.

Comedians are representatives of free speech, and if they're not protected, then we're all in fucking trouble. Speaking of trouble, Tim can you make me an MP3 of all the times JD used the phrase "fucking faggot" so I can send that to the Associated Press? Thank you!

Thoom said...

Everyone is a representative of free speech.

And no one is taking Tracey Morgan or any comedians to jail for a "crime" of saying anti-gay stuff. Comedians aren't being sued.

What did happen was a section of the NBC audience said "You gonna dis us? You gonna threaten us? Then FUCK YOU!" And that (sizable) section of the audience let NBC and the advertisers know that they wouldn't support NBC if they supported Tracey Morgans rants.

That is not a free speech issue. That is a business issue.

vichussmith said...

Yeah, no sane people, but people on these internets are saying crazy shit, like he should be dropped from 30 Rock.

Not watching 30 Rock is an appropriate course of action for viewers. Telling NBC to straight up fire him for an event not related to 30 Rock is nuts.

It's been done, though. These special interesty groups use scare tactics on advertisers, and when advertisers pull out, a show is totally fucked.

The last dude they did this to was Imus. The funniest thing is, how many fucking black people, young people, or young women you knew who listened to Imus? They wanted him off the air, but if you polled them a day before the "nappy headed hoes" they couldn't even spell the name Imus.

I don't want a small group of people with a grudge to judge what I should be able to watch anymore, especially if they aren't viewers of the show themselves.

Trust if Morgan said crazy shit about Jews, he would be under even more heat, and he might be off NBC.

XantesFire said...

Or Professor X didn't want to admit to the present X-Men that Logan scared them off back in the 60's.

Tell JD to try PCX 50 for the Dazzler musical.

vichussmith said...