June 18, 2011

THOOM! Movie Review: Green Lantern

THOOM! talks about some titles in the DC relaunch and reviews the
Green Lantern



Keith Knudsen said...

Thank you, Tim , for a positive review. I watched it too and thought it was great, so fuck all the haters. It seems like this movie was blacklisted or something. I never heard any of this negativity for Thor or XMen First Class, like a lot of people just wanted GL to fail. WTF? Rabid bitches with their venom dripping! Give someone else a chance to see it, damn!

XantesFire said...

Are there many wheelchair bound geniuses to create this stereotype?

Green Lanteren? Lan-tern, only 2 syllables.

7 green dildos fucking 7 green women? Sounds like a scene from the "Not Green Lantern" movie.

Angela Basset? Why not Gabourey Sidibe to play the Wall. They would just have to make her look older.

vichussmith said...

"I'm tired. I'm not making sense" You're right about that.

I think I'll go with the reviewers who know how to pronounce Angela Basset's name right.

Where does this movie rank in all of the superhero films you've seen, Tim?

I think that this is a great example of the layman's opinion of a film and a critic's review of a film. Yeah, critics have their biases, but they pull every film apart and analyze every aspect of them. Joe Blow movie viewer gets by saying "durr, just turn off your brain" or "I liked it. Fight scenes were cool, and that's all I was going there for"

Critics have some responsibility to their audience. If a critic gives Green Lantern a pass, then the readers come back and give them hell, because not everyone accepts films on a simplistic level.

I have heard many more points of criticism about this film, and it sounds like it is a mess. I could end up enjoying it, but I'm in no rush to see it.

Is it "haters" or people who actually made note of all that was wrong vs. what was right and decided that this is not a film to recommend?

Thoom said...

No one is saying "turn off your brain". Aside for the science of the rings (which you have to accept coming in) There is no reason to turn it off. Everything made sense within the context of the movie.

The only thing that was suspect was a scene in which Hammond was killing everyone in a lab and GL burst thru a wall to save the day, with no explanation as to how he knew to go there. But that can be explained away by the ring, of course.

Vichus Smith said...

Did everything make sense? What about the actor playing Hector Hammond looking older than the actor who plays his father?

Did you believe that when these characters revealed that they used to know each other that it made sense? Again, Hector Hammond looks older.

I heard that there's a scene where Hal goes and visits his family from out of the blue for no reason. Why?

What about that after credits sequence? Did you feel it was necessary or it cold have waited for later?


Do you think Blake Lively is a good actress???

I would still like to know if this is one of your favorite Superhero films, or hell one of your favorite films of all time.

XantesFire said...

Yeah, do you consider it better than Ghost Rider or better than Jonah Hex?

vichussmith said...

I think he holds it higher than Spider-man 2.

Keith Knudsen said...

Bullshit, Vichus! You say you heard, bitch, you haven't even seen it! How can you judge something by listening to other people's opinions. I know you're smarter than that! Watch it and then come back and say you hated it. Then we can have a discussion...
PS. you'll hear Mike Myers, Darrell Taylor and myself talk about it this Friday on DC Noise episode #133!! /shameless plug

vichussmith said...

In 5 years, when I watch it, I bet I will not like it. You handful can like it all you want, but it's that flimsy "just mindless fun" "it wasn't trying to be (insert a quality of a good film here)" type of review I've been hearing from GL supporters.

You throw out the "haters" word because you know that people with and without knowledge of the character have come together to shake hands and kick this movie in the teeth. People wanted to hate it? We got Dark Knight from DC! We wanted more quality stuff!

People didn't shit on Thor (it did get some shit) or X-men (again, shit on, but less than Thor) much because they brought some good stuff to the table!

All you have to do to get Joe Public out in the theaters is a semi sorta maybe good movie. Bad reviews keep people away, but word of mouth should have brought more in. They didn't come in.

Gotta go. I am listening to a new review of Green Lantern as I type this.