July 21, 2011

The Beaver Project episode 1

THOOM! is writing a comic book. This series will be a journal for my ideas concerning the untitled project. Feel free to join me on the journey from concept to (hopefully )finished product. (In this case a finished scripts for the first 3 to four issues.)


XantesFire said...

Memen is not racist.

Whoa, in 'Mazing Man world's almost everyone in it is cartoony.

Cambodian? You're gonna use Khan?

You going to base the story against the lame Christian belief that if it's not a human born it has no morality? If it's copied from a human, an AI based on a human's thought patterns, why wouldn't it have the same morals as it's template.

How about- A Mega-corporation is secretly copying it's top VR funny animal war game players' brain patterns for their war division, to program their war droid/training scenarios(?) Glitches happens, or the reprogrammed training experiment goes after that rival company they wanted to destroy, later changed after mission completed, partly due to not being reset. Will it be a publicly known entity? Because then you would have to get into the whole legality of non-human sentient rights.

If you do a robot that downloads itself into a wardroid, would the wardroid be a malleable type like the T-1000's or just a non-malleable humanoid robot who wears a rodent suit to feel more like themselves.

Vichus Smith said...

I hope Tim doesn't think this is a highly original idea.

I hope it's funnier than Seinfield, because Tim's approximately the second person I've ever heard who said he didn't like Seinfield.

Oh, what do I care? Tim said his listeners aren't going to buy it! Nevermind, then.

I can give my two cents on this, I guess. Watch some videos on gametrailers for whatever character types you're looking to use in this story. I don't know why you chose video games. Doesn't sound like there's a console to be seen in your house, Tim.

Thoom said...

Howard the Duck isn't about Looney Tunes Cartoons. The stories wont be about video games.

YotaruVegeta said...
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Anonymous said...




Thoom said...

Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

Anonymous said...

Did you get a publicist or something? What kinda comment was that?

mary said...

The story of your mild-mannered family in a not-so-normal video game world. Mom is a Lara Croft rip-off, dad is a Grand Prix racer, the neighbors are Kung Fu monks and the kids... well, they try to be cool. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I was excited that new people actually listened to the podcast, but they're fakes. :(