July 23, 2011

THOOM 224: Robot Depression

THOOM! and Courtney review Transformers #70 (Marvel 1990)


XantesFire said...

Yay, it's Courtney!

I wouldn't have minded if it was Stewart, but I prefer Hal, if they did do Stewart instead I would prefer they did it as the guy replacing Hal while he goes on a long term mission or retirement.

Why can't Goodfellas be on your top ten list just cause its depressing and violent? Sounds like a kingsleyic pussy excuse. Did you see the the recent Henry Hill doc?

Dare To Be Stupid was an instant classic and perfectly helped define the Junkions.

Unspace, the non-dimension between realities, oh, they must mean the Bleed.

Dude, security officer aboard a military vessel is much more than a security guard.

I think Transformers were being Britished up since UK Transformers did better (over 300 issues to US' 80.) That's why they imported Simon Furman.

He says "me" because it's his speech patterns and he probably can't control it or doesn't care, sorta like some people say "nigger" in every sentence.

Like Grimlock would step aside if someone invoked the Crisis Act.

Dinobots were cool, they have fans and they keep popping up in almost each series. And they weren't meant to be robots who hide, they were robots who smashed.

Vichus Smith said...

Who said 52 was bad? I want NAMES, Courtney!

Speaking of Courtney, I think this video is right in her wheelhouse