July 9, 2011


To my science fiction, comic book nerd friends and writer friends:

I have a question about a story series I am am writing. The title character is a computer program, Artificial Intelligence, who eventually comes to life in the real world. His personality was copied from a human. The series isn't a mystery or a thriller, it's more like a slice of life like Seinfeld, Entourage mixed with SF elements and action from time to time.

My question is: would you as a reader, rather know the exact origin, identity of the person your main character was downloaded from and history of the AI from the start of a TV/comic book series ,or would you rather that info be held off until later in the series to build up?

It matters little to me emotionally. But it's important because I have two beginnings to choose from, and your answers would help me figure out which beginning is best.

Thanks for your time.

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